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Getting Smart About Today’s Mobile Savvy Shopper

The ability to combine feature-rich, mobile shopping applications with an understanding of shopper preferences and purchasing behavior is a winning scenario for retailers, brands and consumers. This study examines how consumers want applications that help them become smarter shoppers.  Download

Engaging the Selective Shopper

With unrivaled choices and increasingly targeted brands, consumers dismiss all but a tiny fraction of the products. Learn how Catalina can help retailers and brands understand shoppers and engage them across multiple channels, inside and outside of the store.Download

Do Demographics Improve Ad Efficiency?

Findings show that demographic targeting treats all buyers equally, no matter what their value to a brand. Meanwhile, new purchase-based targeting models can dramatically improve your ability to reach the consumers who matter most.Download

Discovering the Pivotal Point Consumer™

One in 40 shoppers makes up 80 percent of volume for the average CPG brand. Do you know your Pivotal Point Consumer? This study unmasks the myth of the mass market, and examines the importance of the Pivotal Point Consumer.Download

Losing Loyalty: The Consumer Defection Dilemma

Every year leading brands lose almost half of their highly loyal consumers to defection and reduced loyalty, digging a financial hole out of which they must climb. What is your brand’s plan to hold on to its most valuable consumers?Download

Understanding Beauty Care Shoppers

When it comes to beauty care, women shop in multiple channels, purchase across price tiers, and balance their desire for the newest innovations with the need for value. The battle for brand loyalty begins before women even enter the store.Download

Exploring the Frequency Factor

Learn why the frequency factor is a powerful determinant of brand volume and success. For the average brand, frequency contributes 2.4 times more than purchase size in separating high-volume brand buyers from average buyers.Download

Six Things Every Retailer Must Do to Win in Mobile Commerce

Most of your customers—roughly 78 percent—use their smartphones in brick-and-mortar stores. For retailers to capture their share of the sweeping change of mobile commerce, they need to remove the barriers that still remain between mobile devices and in-store retail systems.Download

Mobile Marketing: Strategies for Personalizing the User Experience

The Path to Purchase Institute, in collaboration with Catalina, presents successes from the industry’s leading innovators in mobile marketing. Download this study and learn about compelling strategies for personalizing the user experience.Download