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Catalina has influenced the preferences, purchases and behavior of consumers by delivering the right message to the right audience in the right environment.


1983: A Tectonic Shift in Commerce

From its earliest days, Catalina was dedicated to driving lift and loyalty for the world’s leading CPG retailers and brands. CPG industry leaders well-versed in marketing, retailing, and scanner-based technology, our founders recognized the waste of mass-reach coupons and knew there had to be a better way to reach consumers more efficiently.

On a boat trip to Catalina Island in 1983, our founders conceived an electronic alternative that would transform the retail landscape: using grocery scanners to distribute targeted coupons. Catalina was born.

Catalina’s founders created a single solution–the Checkout Coupon–benefitting retailers, brands and consumers by addressing complex questions the CPG industry had explored for decades:

  • Persuade shoppers to purchase more of my product?
  • Make my product stand out in an increasingly competitive grocery aisle?
  • Make my store more appealing to shoppers?
  • Strategically target coupons to shoppers who find my products relevant?

1990s:  Unprecedented Growth

In the 1990s, Catalina built a world-class roster of retailers and brands, a talented sales force, and a respected brand with a unique value proposition in the CPG industry.

After going public in 1992, Catalina enjoyed significant returns, expanding internationally and nearly tripling revenues by 1996. In 1993, the company headquarters moved from Anaheim, CA, to St. Petersburg, FL. Forbes magazine’s named Catalina one of the 200 best small companies in America in 1993, 1994 and 1995.


2000s: Color Bolsters Lift and Loyalty

In the mid-2000s, Catalina switched from black-and-white to color printers, significantly improving the effectiveness of in-store promotions and brand-building efforts, helping CPG manufacturers and retail partners more actively engage their loyal customers.


2010s: Mobile Commerce and Catalina BuyerVision Creates Omnichannel Reach

In 2011, Catalina acquired Modiv Media and created the industry’s first and only comprehensive mobile commerce solution for engaging retailers and brands’ most valuable customers. Catalina’s white label modular mobile shopping solution seamlessly integrates with a retailer’s loyalty program, CRM, and POS to deliver personalized offers, scan and bag, and instant checkout.

Soon after, Catalina unveiled BuyerVision to help CPG retailers and brands efficiently target their most valuable consumers through display, video, and mobile advertising. BuyerVision closes the loop by measuring the impact of advertising on in-store sales.


Today: Personalized Digital Media

Catalina’s ever-evolving networks, shopper insights and capabilities give us an unparalleled ability to drive lift and loyalty for the world’s leading CPG brands and retailers by personalizing the consumer’s path to purchase through our mobile, online and in-store networks.

Personalized Mobile Display & Video Network

  • Reaching 70 MM households/month
  • Influencing 1 MM shoppers, driving $1B+ in annual purchases

 Personalized Online Display & Video Network

  • Reaching 50 MM households
  • Affiliate networks of private-labeled sites reaching 12 MM shoppers

 Personalized In-Store Media Network

  • Influencing over 260 MM U.S. shoppers/month … and millions more through an expanding global network


What CPG Brands call on Catalina to help them drive performance? More than 500 brands… across every major category. (Partial list as of 4/2014)


Catalina has been a trusted partner for leading Retailers for over 30 years. Our network reach spans more than 31,000 major food, drug, mass, and convenience stores nationwide. (Partial list as of 4/2014)

Accolades & Recognition

Catalina's innovators and leaders drive and deliver our personalized digital media across the globe.